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    Zhuhai City, China, established in 2002, is the first professional seawater desalination listed companies; the most domestic Competitive in the sea water, brackish water desalination, pure water, ultra-pure water equipment and other water treatment equipment manufacturing and related projects design and construction of specialized high-tech enterprises.

    Jianghai company has a China's first reverse osmosis water treatment technology products of the design and manufacturing team, with more than 30 technical patents. At present, we have designed the products have been widely used in coastal islands, marine engineering, drilling platforms, ships and boats, inland water areas and industrial areas of production water treatment, our products with advanced technology and reliable quality, has 600 Ton to 10,000 tons of nearly 100 national business law enforcement boats and Ocean One, Xiangyanghong 9, Xiangyang Red 6, the new practice number, experiment 1 and other scientific research vessels selected, is the oil, CNOOC, Sinopec, In the cross group, the water group and other enterprises of high quality partners, and has been Gree Electric, Coca-Cola, Tang shallow battery, North Water and many other well-known enterprises recognized and welcome. Jianghai Hai actively responded to the construction strategy of the country along the way, has participated in the Maldives in the Malaysian Friendship Bridge, Djibouti port and other projects, only China Transportation Construction Co., Ltd. of the many projects, supporting dozens of sets of container desalination device, become Industry leader.

    The company as a whole through the ISO9001-2008 quality system certification. Jianghai Hai's outstanding performance is to win the industry's highly recognized in 2011 was selected as the International Association of desalination Association of China's governing units, is rare in China by the China Classification Society CCS certification and the Ministry of Agriculture fishing and fishing inspection ZY certification Double certification unit. The company also made the CFS qualification of China's Canton Fair, "China's water industry craftsmen" and access to "China's desalination equipment manufacturing ten best-selling brand" "China's AAA-credit enterprises," "China's water and water treatment enterprises credit AA grade certificate" "16 years the most influential enterprises" and other awards,

    High-quality products, perfection of the technical services is our aim; innovation, forge ahead is the spirit of our pursuit. Let us work together to improve the human water environment and sincere dedication.